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Abstract : Direct evaluation of the Seiberg-Witten prepotential is accomplished following the localization programme suggested some time ago. Our results agree with all low-instanton calculations available in the literature. We present a…
Abstract : We analyze the spectrum of the bosonic and superstring on the orbifold of the space-time by a boost, leading to the cosmological singularity. We show that the modular invariance leads to the spectrum where the twisted sector tachyon,…
Ce manuscrit est un anti-résumé de la communication qui sera faite par l'auteur à la rencontre des 17 et 18 novembre 1967, du groupe d'étude du problème à 2 corps
Abstract : Band representaitons in solids are investigated in the general framework of induced representations by using the concepts of orbits (stars) and strata (Wyckoff positions) in their construction and classification. The connection between…
This text correspond to a set of lectures given at Third international school at Zajaceskowo (Poznan) Polane on Symmetry and structural Properties of condensed matter

Abstract : We give the most refined intrinsic classification of three…
Abstract : We show that in the ?{2/4} theory, the physical mass and the two-body S-matrix are Borel summable in the coupling constant ? at ?=0.
Abstract : t, It is shown how a renormalized perturbation series can be defined for a
theory with strictly locaI, non-polynomial, interacting Lagrangian
:A(x)r: 2e(x) = )__, t,-----
r=O r!
so as to preserve locality at every order.
Abstract : It is shown that a positive definite local energy density is incompatible with the usual postulates of local field theory. The question whether it can be bounded below is briefly discussed but not solved.

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