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  • Mots-clés: 1972
Abstract : We use techniques which generalize the Lee-Yang circle theorem to investigate the distribution of zeroes of the partition function for various classes of classical lattice systems.
Abstract : Let the origin O of a Banach space E be a fixed point of a diffeomorphism or a critical point of a vector, assuming equivariance under a linear group of isometries of E. Explicit techniques are presented to handle the generalization of the…
Abstract : We emphasize that any analysis of polarization measurement must be done in terms of the polarization domain which is much smaller than the domain of physical bounds. We propose a possible quantitative procedure to estimate the precision of…
Abstract : t, It is shown how a renormalized perturbation series can be defined for a
theory with strictly locaI, non-polynomial, interacting Lagrangian
:A(x)r: 2e(x) = )__, t,-----
r=O r!
so as to preserve locality at every order.

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