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Abstract : We prove the existence of fixed points of p-tupling renormalization operators for interval and circle mappings having a critical point of arbitrary real degree r > 1. Some properties of the resulting maps are studied: analyticity,…
Abstract : Analytic unicritical fixed points of composition operators of Feigenbaum's type for inteval and circle maps are shown to exist for every value of r > 1, where r is the order of the critical point.
Abstract : This extended version of lectures given at eht NATO advanced Study Institute on Non-Linear Evolution and Chaotic Phenomena held in June 1987 in Noto (Italy), and directed by G. Gallovotti, A. M. Anile and P. Zweifel, will appear in the…
Abstract : In the theory of circle maps with golden ratio rotation number formulated by Feigenbaum, Kadanoff, and Shenker [FKS], and by Ostlund, Rand, Sethna, and Siggia [ORSS], a central role is played by fixed points of a certain composition…
Abstract : A new proof of the existence of analytic, unimodal soutions of the Cvitanovic-Feigenbaum functional equation ?g (x) = -g(g-?x)), g(x) ? 1-const. |x| r at 0, walid for all ? in (0,1), is given, and the existence of the Eckmann-Wittwer…
Abstract : We give a proof of the existence of aC2, even solution of Feigenbaum's functional equation
g(x)=???10g(g(??0x)),g(0) = 1,
whereg is a map of [?1, 1] into itself. It extends to a real analytic function over ?.
Abstract : t, It is shown how a renormalized perturbation series can be defined for a
theory with strictly locaI, non-polynomial, interacting Lagrangian
:A(x)r: 2e(x) = )__, t,-----
r=O r!
so as to preserve locality at every order.

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