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Abstract : We find a new gauge in which U(1) noncommutative instantons are explicitly non-singular on noncommutative R^4. We also present a pedagogical introduction to the noncommutative gauge theories.
Abstract : We make a general study of symmetry and stability of the fixed points of the quartic Hamiltonian
of an n-component field (or order parameter} for n&4. Simple proofs of known results are given.
Among new results, we shou that when it…
Conférence faite le 1erjuillet 1975 à Dijon, au congrès de la Société Française de Physique, à l'occasion de la réception du prix robin

Résumé. — Quelques remarques non scientifiques mais importantes. Notion de brisure spontanée
Lecture given at Goslar (Germany) on july 16, 1996 to close the Wigner award ceremony during the 21st International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
This text correspond to a set of lectures given at Third international school at Zajaceskowo (Poznan) Polane on Symmetry and structural Properties of condensed matter

Abstract : We give the most refined intrinsic classification of three…
Exapnded version of a lecture fiven at Naples, on October 25, 1991 at a Colloquium in memory of Léon Vanhove

Abstract : This paper studies the number of extrema (and their positions) of a countinuous Morse function on the Brillouin zone, when it…

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