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Abstract : This is a preliminary version of chapter II and II of a paper on internal symmetries wich we are preparing. It contains a coordinate free formulation of SU(3) invariant algebras on the octet space.
We calculate it now in the hope that it…
Article demandé pour le volume jubilaire du cinquantenaire de la découverte de la radioactivité articficielle
Abstract : We make a general study of symmetry and stability of the fixed points of the quartic Hamiltonian
of an n-component field (or order parameter} for n&4. Simple proofs of known results are given.
Among new results, we shou that when it…
Abstract : This paper studies the number and the nature of the fixed points of the renormalization group for the ?4 model, as used for instance in the Landau theory of second order phase transitions. It is shown that when it exists the stable fixed…

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