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Ce manuscrit est un anti-résumé de la communication qui sera faite par l'auteur à la rencontre des 17 et 18 novembre 1967, du groupe d'étude du problème à 2 corps
Abstract : The observed polarization domain of a spin 3/2 ? produced in a quasi two body or incluseve reaction is a sphere in three dimensions when the beam and the targert are unpolarized and a sphere in five dimensions otherwise. In the strong,…
Abstract : An analysis of 50 expertmental data on polarization and correlations of polarization in the reactions ?N ~ ?, w?and KN ~ K*?, pE*, ??* strongly suggests a pure ?J = 1
transition at the baryon vertex. A plot for testing graphically the…
IIIrd International Winter Meeting on Fundamental Physics, Sierra Nevada (Granada, Sapin), February 15, 1975
Summer Study : High Energy with Polarized Beans, Argonne National Laboratory. Talk of Louis Michel (July 25, 1974)
Abstract : We emphasize that any analysis of polarization measurement must be done in terms of the polarization domain which is much smaller than the domain of physical bounds. We propose a possible quantitative procedure to estimate the precision of…
Abstract : We made a complete study of the relations between the three cross sections and the three sets of spin rotation parameters P, A, R for three reactions related by internal symmetry via two channels.

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