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  • Mots-clés: 1967
Abstract : We study the statistical mechanics of an infinite one-dimensional classical lattice gas. Extending a result of Van Hove we show that, for a large class of interactions, such a system has no phase transition. The equilibrium state of the…
Abstract : Given a C*-algebra O with a group of automorphisms, we define and study almost periodic states on O. A natural decomposition of such states is introduced and discussed.

*) These notes are a result of discussions between S. Dpolicher,…
Abstract : It is shown that for an infinite lattice system, thermodynamic equilibrium is the solution of a variational problem involving a mean entropy of states introduced earlier [2]. As an application, a version of the Gibbs phase rule is proved.
Ce manuscrit est un anti-résumé de la communication qui sera faite par l'auteur à la rencontre des 17 et 18 novembre 1967, du groupe d'étude du problème à 2 corps

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