Milne Universe, Tachyons, and quantum group

Nekrasov, Nikita



Abstract : We analyze the spectrum of the bosonic and superstring on the orbifold of the space-time by a boost, leading to the cosmological singularity. We show that the modular invariance leads to the spectrum where the twisted sector tachyon, together with all other twisted sector fields, present in the Euclidean version of the orbifold, is absent. This makes impossible to resolve the singularity by a marginal deformation of the worldsheet CFT. We also establish a relation between the resolution of rotational orbifolds in Euclidean and Lorentzian setups, and quantum groups. The analysis confirms the impossibility of resolving the cosmological orbifold singularity.




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NEKRASOV, “Milne Universe, Tachyons, and quantum group,” Archives de l'IHES, consulté le 13 juin 2024,