Lanford, Oscar Erasmus III

Stable surfaces in euclidean three space : Dedicated to Prof. W. Fenchel in Copenhagen
This paper consists of two related parts. In A we present smooth maps of the real projective plane P with the non euclidean metric ?, into euclidean spaces such that we can read various interesting properties from the image. We mention and indicate…

A Short history of triangulation and related matters
Conférence donnée au Congress of the Dutch Mathematical Society, Wiskindig Genoorschap, 1778-1978

Tight embeddings and maps submanifolds of geometrical class three
Differential geometry is a field in which geometry is expressed in analysis, algebra, and calculations, and in which analysis and calculations are sometimes understood in intuitive steps that could be called geometric.

There is no Tight continuous immersion of the Klein bottle into R3
The imbedding radius ?f and the roation number ? of an immersion of a Cech-circle into R2 are used to prove taht there is no tight immersion f of the Klein bottle into R3

Geometry in total absolute curvature theory
This is a (incomplete) report on geometrical results of the last twenty five years in the theory of total absolute curvature, in particular concerning its minimal value in certain classes of embeddings of manifolds.

On Gradient curves of an analytic function near a critical point
René Thom [T] conjectured that a gradient curve x(t) of an analytic function on Rn, wich descends to the critical point x(?) = 0 ? Rn, called a path, has there a tangent. We prove this in case n = 3 for standard paths and standard functions.

Observables at Infinity and States with Short Range : Correlations in Statistical Mechanics
Abstract : We say that a representation of an algebra of local observables has short-range correlations if any observable which can be measured outside all bounded sets is a multiple of the identity, and that a state has finite range correlations if…