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Lecture given at Goslar (Germany) on july 16, 1996 to close the Wigner award ceremony during the 21st International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics
Article demandé pour le volume jubilaire du cinquantenaire de la découverte de la radioactivité articficielle
Abstract : It is shown that a quantal or classical system of N particles of distinct species ?,? = 1, 2, … ? interacting through pair potentials ???(r) are stable, in the sense that the total energy is always bounded below by ?NB, provided ???(r)…
Introduction :
Last time I came to Sweden, cars were drivent on the left side of the roads. This week most cars I saw were driven on the right side. I am very grateful to the Nobel Foundation for this opportunity to observe this P violation. I may…
Abstract : Direct evaluation of the Seiberg-Witten prepotential is accomplished following the localization programme suggested some time ago. Our results agree with all low-instanton calculations available in the literature. We present a…

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