The Present Status of CP, T and CPT Invariance

Michel, Louis



Introduction :
Last time I came to Sweden, cars were drivent on the left side of the roads. This week most cars I saw were driven on the right side. I am very grateful to the Nobel Foundation for this opportunity to observe this P violation. I may have found the cause of this P violation by looking at buses or trucks with the same inscription on both sides ; they are not symmetrically written.
I have also made a couter-experiment to verify this theory. In Tokyo I found an equal probability for cars to be driven on the left side or the right side of the streets and I did observe that identical texts were placed symmetrically on buses and trucks : the first character is near the front part on both sides so the same text must be read from left to right on one side and from right to left on the other side.
Since I have never been yet in a car undergoing a spontaneous CP transformation, I will be able to give you today my report on CP, T and CPT invariance.




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